Buster is a MacOS X program to access the D-STAR network from your computer.  It uses a NW Digital Radio ThumbDV to transcode AMBE audio.

Buster is written in Objective C and is a completely native Mac program. It is not designed to be multi-plaform or platform agnostic in any way. This allows me to use the full capabilities of the Mac platform and put in a bunch of goodies that wouldn't be possible otherwise. Buster is a program for Mac users, by a Mac user.

I have released Buster on the Mac App Store for free. Since Buster uses Apple's maps and geolocation APIs, it must be released this way; otherwise it will not function correctly. This means that it is fully sandboxed and relatively secure.

The full source code is available at GitHub.  Contributions are welcomed subject to the guidelines detailed on the README of the repository.

Buster is generally provided "as-is" and "where-is." It is a labor of love that I hope is useful to others. Since I'm giving it away, if it breaks, your only recourse is the fact that you own both pieces; there is absolutely no formal support.

That being said, there is an issue tracker on the GitHub site that you can document the issues. I may pick them up and work on them if and when it interests me, or someone else (maybe even you) may grab them and fix them.

If you need help with the use and abuse of the program, there is a relatively healthy set of Buster users hanging out on the NWDR AMBE subgroup. The community is usually pretty good about helping one another out and I hang out there as well.

Why Buster?

Once upon a time there was a program called DummyRepeater written by Jonathan Naylor. It was written in wxWidgets and was able to be compiled on the Mac. Getting it running was a very technical exercise, that required installing XWindows and a bunch of other steps.

I was working on making the sound code in DummyRepeater work well with Core Audio on the Mac when I decided that there had to be a better way. As is my way at times, I embarked on a ground-up project to write a native program for Mac users to talk to D-STAR reflectors. Buster was born.

In homage to its roots in DummyRepeater, Buster is named for the crash test dummy in the TV show MythBusters.