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I have created a binary package of Xastir, an APRS client program for UNIX-like systems.  The binary package is distributed as a Mac application bundle and has all of the necessary libraries such as libXm included as internal frameworks.  This means that you will not have to worry about installing any other dependencies via something like Fink or MacPorts; it should run right out of the box.

There are a couple of caveats that you should be aware of before installing my binary distribution.  First, there are hard coded paths in the .xastir/config/xastir.cnf file that lives in your home directory. This means that if you run the program for the first time in someplace weird, it will break when you move it.  To prevent this from happening, please move the application to your /Applications directory before running it for the first time.  Do not run this binary from your desktop or other weird place.  Otherwise you will have problems and it will break in the future.  If you have already violated this rule, try to delete your ~/.xastir directory and try again.

Maps are located in /Applications/Xastir.app/Contents/Resources/share/xastir/maps.  The /Applications/Xastir.app/Contents/Resources/share/xastir directory also contains interesting things like the symbol table, FCC database, and other such shared data.  If you upgrade Xastir binaries be sure to back up and replace your maps and other data in this directory.

This binary is compiled for both i386 and x86_64 architectures on MacOS 10.5 and above.  Sorry, I don’t have any PPC machines anymore for testing and development so there will not be any releases from me on these machines.  I have compiled into the binary as much as possible.  It is currently based on the version 2.0.1 code from CVS (which has open street map support) and is compiled with support for shapelib, ImageMagick, pcre, dbfawk, rtree indexing, map caching, libcurl, libproj, geotiff, and gdal.

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for, here’s the distribution.  It’s a zip file, and again, make sure you copy the application into your /Applications directory:

Xastir.zip - Size: 7605115 MD5 Sum: f14a4e3c69a87af8405276332863a8da


I have also created a binary package for WSPR.  It is a Mac application bundle, and again designed to be installed in /Applications.  I don’t know of any nasty interactions if you don’t install it in there, but I highly advise you do so anyhow.  It includes all the proper libraries as internal frameworks so there is nothing further to install.  Simply drop it in your /Applications directory.

This binary includes rig control through hamlib, but including hamlib in the distribution has caused some issues.  If you already have a version of hamlib installed, it may interfere with the use of the one internal to this binary.  You have a choice on how to solve this issue.  If you are not using hamlib for other apps on your system, the easiest way is just to uninstall your system version of hamlib.  Otherwise you can cause this WSPR distribution to use the system hamlib by removing its internal version.  This version will be in /Applications/WSPR.app/Contents/Resources/rigctl.  If you remove this file, it should cause rig control to work correctly for you.  As always, your mileage may vary and if it breaks I’ll do my best to assist you when possible, but ultimately you own both pieces of the breakage.

WSPR.zip - Size: 13471296 MD5 Sum: ddef5e8fdcf2de228e177e43f8e8548f


I am happy to assist you in trying to get these programs running on your system.  That being said please realize that I am providing these binaries as a volunteer service to the Mac ham community.  I have a limited number of ATU (Amateur Time Units) to devote to the hobby and time I spend helping you is time I can’t spend doing other fun things.  Please make sure you do your homework and read not only the notes I have provided above but the documentation from the respective project websites.

If you have a question that can’t be answered by one of the above sources, please feel free to drop me a line at op@nh6z.net.