My Software



Heterodyne is a software defined radio designed to work with the OpenHPSDR hardware.  It is written in Objective C using the Mac’s native Cocoa user interface.  One of the project goals is to integrate tightly with MacOS X and take advantage of native technologies on the platform.  This means that Heterodyne is not written with cross-platform toolkits or porting to other platforms in mind.  I don’t anticipate that any ports to Windows or Linux would be easy or desirable.  There are many good alternatives for such platforms.

Heterodyne requires MacOS 10.6 “Snow Leopard” or later on Intel platforms.  It utilizes several technologies, such as Grand Central Dispatch, that are only available on Snow Leopard.  I do not anticipate that there will be any efforts to port the program to either Power PC or operating systems earlier than 10.6.

I have offered Heterodyne under the GPL v2 license and the source is freely available in my Subversion repository at  I have no plans to close the source on Heterodyne or make it a commercial product.  Ham radio is about sharing technology for the common good, and selling the software would defeat those purposes.